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If you are looking for a great deal, easy process, and want cash now, contact Tanners to begin your FREE appraisal.


Our team of seasoned experts will review at your collection for details like condition, function, rarity, etc. - all to determine a value.

Assuming Tanners wants to buy your collection and everything checks out, we will cut you a check on the spot.


Consignment offers you a greater reach and potential for making more for your collections. There are two options for consignment:

1 - IN STOREYour collection will be on display in the store and we will reach out to our network of local collectors. Flat Fee15%

2 - ONLINE AT GUNBROKER.COM - Tanners regularly recognized as a top dealer on the nation's largest firearms auction site. We will send you a link to the auction so you know exactly how your collection sells. Flat Fee - 18%

Contact Tanners today with about your collection!

Use the form below,

or call 267-331-4756


Are you curious about the value of your firearms?

Tanner's Sport Center can help you with our buying and consignment program that provides a platform where sellers can confidently uncover value, preserve legacy, and make the most of their collections.


The Tanners Team is highly skilled at identifying the distinct value of each item and making sure you get a great deal - all within a smooth selling experience! We have centuries of collective experience appraising collections and the options sellers deserve to meet their goals.


Over the years, we have discovered historic gems that were simply collecting dust - Now they are on display at museums and private collections. Discover the treasures that may be sitting in your attic.


Before we begin, you should know we are a trusted FFL committed to expertise, transparency, and maximizing the value of your items. Read our reviews to see why people do business with Tanners!

Top 10 Reasons to SELL WITH

  1. Firearms Expertise: With a team of firearm enthusiasts and experts, Tanner's Sport Center offers in-depth knowledge to accurately assess and appraise your firearms.

  2. Responsible FFL Handling: As a trusted Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder, we ensure all legal requirements are met, providing you with a safe and compliant way to sell or consign your firearms.

  3. Transparent Appraisals: Our fair and transparent appraisal process guarantees that you receive a fair assessment of your firearms' value, ensuring a mutually beneficial transaction.

  4. Tanner's Purchase Promise: Our unique Tanner's Promise means we will treat you right. We are committed to a high-level of expertise, customer service, and fairness - so you know your collection is in good hands.

  5. Rating and Reputation: Tanners is a top rated seller on Gun Broker and our Google reputation is consistently 5 stars for many years. This means when sellers list with us, they get better placement, better exposure, and better offers. The bottom line is top dollar for the seller!

  6. Professional Packaging and Shipping: Sending items to Tanner's is hassle-free. Our step-by-step guide ensures secure packaging, and our experienced team handles shipping logistics responsibly.

  7. Secure Transactions: Our reputation for ethical business practices and careful handling ensures a secure transaction, protecting both buyers and sellers.

  8. Exclusive Selling Rights: By choosing Tanner's, you grant us exclusive selling rights, allowing us to effectively market and present your items to a broader audience.

  9. Transparent Process: We invite our sellers into the process ever step of the way. We even send the auction link so they can know exactly how we listed it and what their items sold for.

  10. Legacy Preservation: Selling or consigning with Tanner's Sport Center is more than a transaction; it's a way to preserve the legacy of your collectibles, connecting them with passionate new owners who will appreciate their value.

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