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Tanner's Sports Center was founded by Ray Tanner in 1992. Ray set out to offer a wide selection of high quality firearms at an affordable price. But more than the great products, Tanner’s focused on delivering a signature customer experience that served gun experts, enthusiasts and anyone new to the firearms lifestyle. 

Over time, gun inventory grew from hundreds to thousands of new and used rifles, pistols, shotguns, blackpowder guns, and accessories. Tanner’s Sport Center became the premier sports center with the largest selection of guns in the entire tri-state area. Tanner’s is a gun lovers destination store.


Tanner’s relationships with the top gun manufacture grew as well and soon just about any firearm available on the market could be ordered and available at the store within 72 hours. 

Additionally, Tanner’s become known for the best place to buy sell and trade. Because of Tanner’s success and notoriety, used gun sellers across the nation trusted Tanner’s to offer the best process and prices. That means all manner of rare, unusual, and exotic guns found their way to Tanner’s every day. Loyal customers began to line up each morning to see what new guns made their way to the store. 

In 2022, Tanner’s was acquired by Jim Maxim and continues the original family-friendly mission to offer the best selection, the best prices, and all through the best buying experience.

In 2023, Tanners is set to launch Team Tanners Membership program. What began as solution to the restrictive social media platform policies that limit information about firearms, has blossomed into a program designed to offer customer exclusive access to products, information, specials they want. 

Thanks for trusting Tanner’s these many years and we look forward to many more years to come!


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